Monday, December 13, 2010

Cookie Scoop: Quack's Bakery on 43rd

Giving up all attempts to narrow my hips and letting the pastry flour hit the fan. I've decided not only to bake cookies in my own kitchen over the holiday but to eat cookies from local bakeries and other kitchens too! Yea, its nothing novel, but I need a break from writing my thesis and from senior year at UT.

First cookie scoop: Quack's 43rd Street Bakery
Location: 43rd St. and Duval, Austin, Texas
Provisions: coffee served in mammoth sized ramekins, cupcakes the size of your face, cinnamon rolls (sugared or frosted), jalapeno croissants, salty oatmeal cookies et plus.
Featured: handcrafted works of baked art in the form of shortbread, sugar and gingerbread cookies.

Running to my thesis adviser's house I stopped and picked up a few bribes treats to share. It is our routine to meet once or twice a month for tea at her lovely old west Austin home. My thesis revolves around Jane Austen so tea and sweets are appropriate, but then again who needs girlie literature as an excuse to indulge! Upon arriving, I found out that her daughter had just taken a major crash while biking earlier that morning. I like to think that the gingerbread helped her recovery. In the end, biker and bike are doing fine, thesis was not ripped to shreds, learned a few things about graduate school and the rigors of scholarship, and we devoured these lovely cookies below.

Royal Frosting gingerbread house with a few gingerbread inhabitants.

Better view of the sprinkle-pocked gingerbread men.