Sunday, August 23, 2009

Joy of Food, and the things to which it relates

Firstly, Da came to town ditched the in-laws and made pesto in my new kitchen. He brought with him a bushel of basil from our family garden and spouted that there was plenty more at home! It was a mad dash of a pesto session as I had to make it to work on time. We made two kinds: pecan pesto with pecans and pecan oil and regular pesto with the classic olive oil and pine nuts. I prefer the pecan. I've put it on pasta, my sandwiches, saltines, and cheese. There are no limits to the wonders of pesto!

Secondly, my three musketeers gang was reunited in a day of general giggles and gourmanding. Started with Italian food at the Texas branch for ex-mafia members. We ordered the Roasted Pie with hot peppers, onions and garlic. Then it continued with of course a trip to Sonic happy hour. Then cupcakes at home. Sponge cake cupcakes with chocolate swirled into the batter and topped with homemade whipped cream with cinnamon and strawberries. The end of summertime tasted sweet.

The night ended, well sort of, with a belated trip to HEB for a few things to finish off our planned feast of side dishes. Macaroni and Cheese, Mashed Potatoes with skins mind you, Homemade gravy from impromptu drippings, Alex really wanted Caprese salad so we had that and finished the lot with watermelon. The gravy was the real delight seeing as our uber veggie Divya had never tried gravy seeing as the vegetarians tend to not have the means or need for gravy making with the whole no meat thing. Gravy tastes good sans meat drippings let me just say.

Lastly, Alex, the darling girl she is gave me my birthday present a little early. A loverly new tea pot complete with red poppies! My inner Angela Lansbury said a clear yes to this one.