Monday, June 29, 2009

Des Legumes Miniature: Petits pour les Droigts Fées

In my family's secret little garden, back beyond the mulberry tree and the mint patches you can find an immense blooming of vines and shoots and leaves. If you creep along the dirt path, on your hands and knees, you can see the little buds of fruit pushing forth from their seedlings.

There you can meet mischievous baby mockingbirds pecking away at near-ripened cherry tomatoes and resting atop blushing pumpkins. If you dig a finger into the earth you will find minute pearl onions no bigger than a penny but sweeter than any peach or apple fresh from the orchard. Of course, there are potatoes too, not too many, but they'll do.

Their skin barely formed and an eye here and there, they are starchy and mellow yet you can only savour them in one bitty bite.

From our garden, we have a bounty of things, yet this summer's bounty appears to grow in miniature.


Tofu said...

Haha. I never thought I would go cute crazy over vegetables, but you've changed my mind! the produce from your garden is simply adorable :]