Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wabbit Food

So I attempted Bakerella's cake pops and needless to say I am not she. Even my professional cake baker Grandma helped me and we mostly made an orange mess of our kitchen. But, it is the effort that counts. Besides, too many carrots will undoubtedly turn your skin orange, or at least your tongue. Unfortunately these will not improve your eyesight.

Carrot Cake Carrot Pops

Shame: I used a boxed cake mix, but added fresh carrots, extra spices (chili powder in my carrot cake say what?) and apple sauce instead of oil. I also used *gasp* pre-made icing. Don't judge.

Simple vanilla bark coating dyed orange and thinned with precious pecan oil made the carrots all carrot-like and the addition of green apple sugared licorice belts made chic little stems.

NB: You can Frankenstein your decapitated carrot heads and regrow them. Hoorah for indeterminate growth!


Crazy About Cakes said...

Your carrot cake pops are really cute. Great Job!

HotHeaded said...

Those carrots are adorable! I love them!