Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bon temps roulant: Autumn in a fist fight with Summer...

So I have yet to add another recipe/baking awakening but as the inklings of Fall creep in my baking senses begin to tingle and I have to find my way to an oven or I just feel too lazy. At this moment I am baking cardamom snaps, not my own recipe www.bhg.com, but they aren't too pretty and won't go up on this site till they are!

It is almost Samhain, or the nature-freaks autumn version of a New Years. So it is a time for eating, baking, pumpkin spice lattes, and harvest-themed resolutions! I have several but the one that really applies here is at least one weekly baking excursion with my new friend Julia. Who is Julia you might ponder...well she is my new shiny red KitchenAid Stand Mixer! Leave me alone, Alton Brown named his...and she is named for the great Julia Child...I don't think she would mind being reincarnated as a kitchen utensil.

So yes, so hopefully every week Julia and I will explore the many reaches of the culinary world together and share them with everyone!

To Do:
1. need more butter
2. find family pumpkin pie recipe
3. figure out the secret ingredient in my Da's cornbread...he is holding out
4. I smell cardamom...need to go check those snaps!


Alex said...

I wish you and Julia good luck! this blog is my favorite cooking blog. i check it every week :) the writing and pictures are superb!